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If some of you have been reading my fanfiction stories, I was dawgfan527 on livejournal and am GeorgiaUnicorn on Archive of our Own, Twisting the Hellmouth, and Fanfiction. I'm excited to have this journal, which will mainly be for posting my fanfiction, connecting with fandom communities, and writing practice, as I'm trying to write everyday. I'm keeping this separate from my Facebook and Twitter accounts, so I can be more free in my expression. I miss the old days of livejournal, when I had more intimate "conversations" with my closer friends, so I'm trying to bring some of that back with this journal. Be warned that I might rant about politics on here once in a while, as I'm unhappy that He Who Must Not Be Named won the presidential election. I'm trying to keep that banter off of Facebook, though, as the political spouts on there seem to just fuel my anger. In general, I don't like Facebook, but I'm keeping it as a necessary evil for messages and invites. It has been deleted from my phone. I'm hoping this page will be a healthier avenue to express my thoughts with the written word and to get feedback from others. I'm feeling a need to create right now, and I need to listen to my soul in that regard. I'm enjoying my dissertation and Ph.D. work, and that feeds my intellectual side, but I need to find other avenues for my emotional side and some aspects of my creative side.

Therefore, I have followed a few communities with writing prompts and fanfiction writing challenges. I hope to make new friends here and stronger connection with current friends. I'll definitely write about the CONS, book clubs, fandom events, and conferences I attend on here, as this seems like a captive audience. Let the adventure of 2017 begin!



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